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Your resident Amateur Astronomers

Thursday 26th February
from 7.30pm at the Terrace Brunswick Heads. see map

whats in the sky?

Learn about the night sky and view the moon and maybe a planet or two



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We bring the stars to you!

Astronomy can be fun. Experience the night sky and understand the secrets of the Universe. The Cosmic Couple can present the night sky in their STARLAB Mobile Planetarium to groups of up to 30 people.
The stars move across the night sky, The Planets and the moon. The pictures of the Zodiac constellations. The Southern Cross. The stars on your birthday.

Ask us about our Student focused Night Sky Tours where we introduce you to the currently visible planets, constellations and stars and help you find your way around the sky. View the Moon and Planets through our computer driven telescope. View the Moon on our large screen projection. The ideal complement to the Planetarium experience. From September 2012 we have retired from our school planetarium visits

For more information contact
The Cosmic Couple
(Marie & Phil) or
phone 02 6680 2448
or our mobile 0413 779 223
Mail: please call

Have we visited your school?
We have visited over 200 schools and presented our Planetarium show to over 5,000 students from Yrs 1-12.

Our 1st qtr observing nights will continue as usual at Brunswick Heads plus any other significant Astronomical events. - Eclipses, Transits, Conjunctions etc.Watch out for important news.

Happy star gazing!

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